QUINT 5-Combination Radius

Our QUINT 5-radius combinations are now available!

The name "quint" is derived from the Latin quinque-, meaning five, and for this radius it refers to the five functions that a Quint provides - Speed, Acceleration, Agility, Balance and Power.  A QUINT radius is a combination radius similar to our regular Quad combinations, however, in addition to four properly sized fine-tuned radius, we've strategically placed a small flat gliding surface inside the Quad sequence to gain even more speed. Why did we do this, well, the majority of our customers are always asking for more speed.  But in order to get more speed, the radius have to be made larger and what that does is it can make the blades feel like skis. So to prevent that awkward feeling, we designed the Quint radius with a small flat gliding surface that will add more speed but which also has shorter radius on each side of it to eliminate that flat feel and maintaining maneuverability and control.


Right now we offer 3 Quints, the Quint Major (for size runners 254mm and up, the Quint Minor for size 230-247mm, and the QUINTA, a special Quint for girls and women which compensates for the low center of balance (at hips) that women have.


Note: To avoid theft of our hard work designing and testing QUADS and QUINTS, we do not reveal specifics on what the numerical radius are, nor their placement or sizing along the runner. You can NOT get these radius anywhere else, we want to keep it that way. In the past other shops have been caught telling their customers that they do No-icing's radius's.  They do not.  These radius are designed by us, tested by us, and fabricated by us only.