Skate Radius Options

  • Black Magic Finish 62

    Our "Black Magic" formula will give you even more speed than our regular performance finish and last for a full 45 minutes of skating. That's 3 full games! You will not find a better finish on your steel, nor any treatment or polish that will give you...

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  • Blade Matching  5771

    Blade Matching 5771

    After the course of many sharpenings, it is possible for your left blade to be shorter or have a different shape than your right blade. When we blade match we correct this by grinding down the high points to match the lows. Note:  Blade matching is...

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  • Performance Blade Finish (Sauce) 1369

    Performance Blade Finish (Sauce) 1369

    For the serious hockey player, we offer a performance blade finish. While our regular skate sharpening produces an excellent finish, the blade's performance can be improved even more with this optional treatment. Similar to what Olympic speed skaters...

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  • Remove Excessive and Deep Nicks and Gouges

    Remove Excessive and Deep Nicks and Gouges

    A normal sharpening touches up the edges and involves grinding less than the thickness of a sheet of paper off your runners.  This does NOT remove deep nicks and chip or gouges, which can be 1/8-3/16" or more up the blades side. If your blades are...

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  • Shave Excessive Metal from Toe and Heel

    Shave Excessive Metal from Toe and Heel

    This is for customers who want a lot of metal removed from the toe and heel areas. Our normal shaving only removes about 10 sharpenings worth of metal, which is not a lot.  If you want a runner ground down more and it will require more than 1/32" of...

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  • Shave Toe and Heels 15598

    Shave Toe and Heels 15598

    Some skaters who get new skates or steel want the bulk of metal on the toe and heels toned down a bit to make the transition from old skates easier.  Our shaving service is taking off some of that metal, the amount removed is equivalent to...

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