Skate Sharpening Options

  • Remove Excessive and Deep Nicks and Gouges

    Remove Excessive and Deep Nicks and Gouges

    A normal sharpening touches up the edges and involves grinding less than the thickness of a sheet of paper off your runners.  This does NOT remove deep nicks and chip or gouges, which can be 1/8-3/16" or more up the blades side. If your blades are...

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  • Shave Excessive Metal from Toe and Heel

    Shave Excessive Metal from Toe and Heel

    This is for customers who want a lot of metal removed from the toe and heel areas. Our normal shaving only removes about 10 sharpenings worth of metal, which is not a lot.  If you want a runner ground down more and it will require more than 1/32" of...

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  • Shave Toe and Heel

    This option is for skaters who want a little metal taken off the toe and heel areas on new runners.  It's equivalent of the same amount of metal removed from about 8-10 regular skate sharpenings, which visually may not look like much, perhaps...

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  • Unsharpened Steel Sharpening

    Order this only if you are sending in steel that has never been sharpened by anyone before.  All new skates and new replacement steel comes unsharpened.  You do not need to order this if you are ordering one of our radius that has this extra...

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  • XTREME Blade Finishing

      For many years we offered our performance blade treatments, Sauce and Black Magic. Both these have given amazing increases in glide and speed and they still are a great choice for your runners. However, we now offer a slightly different treatment...

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