Triple Combination Radius

We take stock blades and customize them with a Triple Combination Radius profile tailored just for you. This special radius has great turning, but is maximized for straight out speed, balance and stability. This combination radius can significantly improve your skating, even more than a traditional custom radius or other combinations. You no longer have to sacrifice speed for turning or vice verse, the combination radius maximizes the runner for top performance in all aspects of skating but leans more toward speed. This radius includes a normal skate sharpening. If you are an existing No-Icing customer and know your blade specs, simply select them from the drop down menus and place your order. If you are a new customer and haven't already, email us for an interview form so we can evaluate your skating and customize your radius and sharpening for you. If you don't need to fill out an interview form and know the settings you want, choose them from the product's menu and place your order. Note: If runners are not ordered at same time that you order this radius, it will be assumed that you are sending in your steel for services. If you are ordering runners for this radius, go back to the shopping area and add the runners to your shopping cart.

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