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Goalie Accessories

  • Bauer Goalie Vertexx Edge Holders (Pair)

    This is the new goalie blade holder for 2016 model goal skates with the Edge Trigger release system. Will fit on all brand skates. We will be glad to install them for you. Price does not include steel or holder installation, those can be found in the...

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  • No-Sweat Sweat Bands, 3-pack

    No-Sweat Sweat Bands, 3-pack

    Sweat absorber for masks and helmets.  Better than sweat bands, NoSweat's patented design and Dri-Lid technology is engineered to absorb forehead sweat and clear your line of vision.  These come in a 3=pak and are disposable, although many...

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  • Sweet Stick Skate Sharpener

    The Original Sweet Stick.  Don't be fooled by Chinese copycats.  Use this lightly to refresh the edges on your blades. Will not resharpen a lost edge but is a great way to extend intervals between sharpenings.  Also doubles as a honing...

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  • TOE HOOKS for goal pads

    Never use laces or strings to attach you toe bridge to your skates.  Toe Hooks are revolutionary, takes 1 second to install pad to skate.  Will not come undone during your game.  Pulls pads back to center when coming up from butterfly...

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