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Steel breakage warranties

31st May 2019

Most steel we sell has a 1 yr warranty. Steel is warranted by the manufacturer, not us. We do however have authorization from CCM and Tydan to replace them here. You will have to send us the broken pair so we can get credit from the manufacturer. For Step and Bauer, you have to contact them for warranty. We are not involved with them in anyways in regards to warranties. Easton is no longer in business, their steel has no warranty. After you get your replacement steel, you will have to place an order if you want your radius/sharpening on them. When you break steel, we do not radius the replacements for free. 

For other than CCM and Tydan, if your steel breaks, you DO NOT go thru us for your claim, you must go direct to the manufacturer or distributor. We do not replace your steel, they do.  For Step's, you must submit your claim to Step's distributor using this process:

Send your broken steel to Midwest Skate.There will be shipping charges for the replacement blades.
You will need to supply a credit card to cover this charge before the blades are replaced. Under no circumstances will Midwest ship replacements without this information. Per Step Blades company, a copy of the original receipt where the blades were purchased showing they are not older than 1 year must be provided with your claim.

This is the address to return broken blades to:

Midwest Skate Company
40040 Grand River Ave #450
Novi, MI 48375