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Announcing our new blade treatment, !

3rd Oct 2019

Our new treatment is called XTREME.  For many years we offered our performance blade treatments, Sauce and Black Magic. Both these have given amazing increases in glide and speed and they still are a great choice for your runners. However, we now offer a slightly different treatment that we think is going to be very well received by our customers.  What is it?  Well, It's a clear, flexible, hard-coat resin that provides a permanent clear coat protection. It is not a wax, paraffin, polish or any other type of topical coating. After application, it will not yellow, crack, peel or flake. But what does it do you ask? Well, it forms a smooth clear friction-less seal to prevent water, dirt and corrosion/rust from reaching the underlying bare metal . This "protective barrier " inhibits oxidation, prevents metal corrosion, pitting and staining caused by external water attacks and keeps your gliding surface smooth and free of drag.  It also is a wonderful friction reducer. It does this so well, it's been used by NASA on the Space Shuttle and on the hulls of  racing sailboats to reduce drag for maximum speed.   After we sharpen your runners we will hand "paint" this treatment to the bottom of your blades and begin to let it cure. While theoretically, this would be a permanent treatment, your edges will still get dull and you'll eventually need a sharpening which will take it off. No prob, just get it reapplied next sharpening.  If your one of those who goes a long time between sharpenings because you still have good edges or use DLC coated blades, you'll get maximum longevity of the performance benefits of this treatment. Give it a try, you may just love it!  Note: Your blades will need 96 hours after we apply it to allow it to cure to a nice hardness. We'll write the date/ time we apply it on your envelope. We usually ship the following day after we sharpen your blades and shipping is also usually 2 days, so at earliest you can use them the day after you receive them.  Actually in an emergency, you can use them right away, but if they are not fully cured the treatment could wear off.